Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Query Update.

I have queried four agents thus far, all good matches to the book, all reputed to respond quickly. I have had not a single response of any kind from any of them. I have written a synopsis, and can now head out for those agents who wish to receive this particularly hideous form of written communication.

Hope I can at least score a rejection or two before I grow old and drop dead.

And as for the very persnickety requirements agents have for submissions? Those hoops we must jump through? You know: "if you do not have a Serious Adult Significant email address we will not respond"?

Two of the four agents thus far have had MailerDaemon or "mailbox full" responses to query emails.

Am I very concerned that I minded every P & Q in those submissions? Yeah, not so much. Do I like being lectured about professionalism by folks who can't keep their inbox in order? Nope.

Echo... echo... echo...