Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Is there anything worse than a vanishing blogger? No defense, dear reader(s). Other than the rather awkward systems in place for logging in to Blogger. In short, I lost my blog. This is the third attempt to find it in as many days. The problem is that my gmail email account takes over from my earthlink email account, and soon the blog has vanished. 

But these travails are now behind me and I have bravely recovered my blog. Since my last entry I have also experienced the adventure of having an attorney go three rounds over the publishing contract, completed my major rewrite and a polish, contemplated a publicist, and joined Second Life.

Did that last item stick out a bit? Well, for those who don't know, Second Life is an artificial world that takes place entirely inside a vast series of computer simulation servers. You join, create an avatar to represent you in-world, and go about your travels and adventures. Yesterday I spent a bit of time at a beach mall talking to a seven-foot-tall gentleman sporting a kilt and a pink mohawk, then strolled next door for a tour of Beijing's Forbidden City.

Today I attended (or rather, my avatar attended) a lecture by an erotica writer. Her topic was promoting yourself and your writing in Second Life. Invaluable, if a little strange. At least four of the attendees were furries (who go through their life at least partly transformed into animal form), and one was wearing a Star Trek uniform. In short, a place where a science fiction novelist feels very, very welcome. My people!

Come on down, basic memberships are free. Take the plunge, give it a whirl, I think you'll love it.

Let's see, what was this blog about? Oh, yes, writing. Well, actually, the topic I wanted to discuss is too important to append to a ramble, so I shall add a second entry. *Gasp*!

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