Saturday, September 29, 2007

To Blog, Blog Again...

Found my blog again! Aren't I clever? I do better elsewhere in the Internet, I promise. I'm having a fab-u time in Second Life. Built an entire copy of Bag End! Any time you're in world, don't be a stranger! My SL name is Rusalka Writer. I cannot think of a better tool for procrastination, and a writer can't have too much of that.

Delivered the novel! The bulk of rewrites are done. The publisher is going ahead on the cover art, and I am to start thinking about cover copy, acknowledgments, dedications, and a bio. This is where I wish I had spent more time having an interesting life. Ah, well.

Off to Austin October 10th for the film festival and screenwriting conference. I'm a finalist in their contest this year. I was a semifinalist last year. Austin is a four-day party with a few talks and films tucked in here and there. Can't wait!

Wrestling with the new book. Sending my character to Purgatory took less time than expected. From here it's back to his ordinary life, kind of, and then off to Hell. If it's Tuesday, it must be Hell! But shorter seems to be better, even in genres known for producing doorstops. Either way, I'm approaching the halfway point. I think.

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