Saturday, April 12, 2008


AKA Taking the Plunge.

There are two choices to having an author's website: having and not having. I am not Salinger. I will be having.

The next choice is doing it yourself vs. paying someone Vast Sums to do it for you. I had been trending in the Vast Sums direction.

No more. Because (1) Vast Sums, and (2) some reptilian part of my brain recently reminded me that I went to both art school and design school. Which makes the Vast Sums angle worthy of ridicule.

So in a week, when I have returned from various and sundry peregrinations, I shall sit down at the G5-- which is working on shared scientific computing projects and really does not appreciate being bothered by its owner-- and begin work on my new website. I shall shuffle my screenwriting website over to and take over for my new author's site.

Sounds so confident, doesn't it? As though I remember how I created the screenwriting website in the first place. I seem to recall that it took every last brain cell in my head, and there are far fewer of them now.

The first thing I shall do is upgrade the G5 to Leopard. With complete confidence.

I think.

P.S. I shall also redesign this blog, because yeah...

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