Thursday, October 2, 2008


Enjoyed the weekend at the Southern California Writers Conference, Irvine. This is the kind of conference I love-- one that is truly craft-centered. There's no coincidence in the fact that a conference that focuses on improving your writing attracts good writers. I heard some great things at SCWC. I'm always learning, and what a pleasure to spend time with others who are doing the same.


Jan said...

Hi Lorelei,
I loved the conference, learned a lot, was inspired, and really enjoyed meeting you.
thanks for your encouragement on Mstyk. The whale is coming soon.
See you in San Diego.
Do you live near Camarillo. Christopher says that you know the road to the beach that I described.

Lorelei Armstrong said...


I live in Brentwood and my parents live in Santa Barbara, so the coast highway has lead me past that beach and up Las Posas many, many times. Your rendering of the area was perfect! I do look forward to the whale, and to the next SCWC!