Monday, July 6, 2009

Observation on Gaiman.

I was browsing, my supplier of audiobooks, and searched for Neil Gaiman's latest. Up came a list of many Gaiman productions. And they had one similarity: they were nearly all half as long as most of the novels I buy. A fact hidden between the covers by font size and formatting, but rather harder to conceal in an audiobook.

I'm buying his latest, but I now understand his rapid production. And no, there's no discount for a miniature book.


Neil said...

20 Hours for American Gods, 12 Hours for Neverwhere, 11 hours for Fragile Things and 10 for Anansi Boys... How long are the books you usually listen to?

Lorelei Armstrong said...

Under eight for The Graveyard Book, five-and-a-half for M is for Magic, a little over that for InterWorld, six-and-a-half for Stardust. I'm used to a twelve-hour average. Maybe fast readers?

Neil said...

All of those, except Stardust, are children's books, where that's the wordcount that publishers like.

I don't think that's in any way "hidden by font-size", and you have a very odd definition of "Nearly all".