Friday, August 28, 2009


For anyone picking up Allen Steele's Spindrift. Skip to Part Two and start there. I'm listening to the audiobook, and Part Two stars about a quarter of the way through. Here's a precis of Part One:

Narrator who won't be part of the body of the action picks up miscreant scientist from prison on the Moon (yes, on the Moon). Alien signal/craft has been detected, a ship prepared, and a crew readied to intercept same. Miscreant scientist unexpectedly (okay, not really) included on the mission. Ship departs.

Number of meetings to discuss mission/deliver information to the reader: 2
Incompetent ship's Captain, who must die or be redeemed: 1
Overlooked overqualified officer who will either take charge or sacrifice self: 1
Earnest female officer sleeping with overqualified officer: 1
Science errors thus far: One Bajillion

The problem with audiobooks is that you can't skim ahead to the aliens.


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