Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Call.

Last day of a bad year/decade. It's pretty impressive when an entire decade sucks. I haven't experienced that before. But it was basically a write-off from beginning to end. Except for my sister's new family, of course. They are the bright stars of the Uh-Ohs.

And off to the Tweens and Teens! The exclamation mark was just to cover up how completely exhausting the idea is. Ten more years? I think I may start rooting for the Mayans. Because the Georgian calendar keeps ending and nothing happens. Bummer.

In writing news from the penultimate time zone, I restarted work on my new book. I should note that the last change date on the file was October 27, 2008, so there is a bit of catching up to do. Oddly, the one thing that eerily interfered with the writing the last time flared up again and ended my work day today. No point in explaining what that thing is, but I'm impressed by the irrational link. Not a health matter, but a large object with a life of its own.

More work tomorrow. Hope the interfering object does not get hit by an asteroid. Too bummed to think of champagne. Perhaps an early bedtime and end to 2009.

To the Uh-Ohs. You could not suck enough.

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