Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well That's Evil.

PublishAmerica has a series of new goofball lures to try to entice their writers to buy their own books. Get this claim: if a PA writer buys X number of their own overpriced paperbacks, PA says they will send copies to:

1. Walmart.
2. Oprah.
3. Soldiers in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. For Christmas.

Shall we say I doubt the veracity of these claims? I don't much care about the extra effort involved for the staffs of Walmart and Harpo to carry such books to the dumpster. I'm sure that's a regular part of the gig. Honestly, folks, do you believe that either enterprise selects books that arrive in the mail? Did you ever think that there might be folks who buy books for Walmart (and Costco, Target, etc.) as a career? Nobody knows how Oprah picks out her melodramas, but it's not like this.

And sending books to soldiers for Christmas? Lovely idea. I've sent books (not my own) to soldiers in Afghanistan. The deadline this year was December fourth. So PA is what, fibbing? Or are they just uninformed? Shocking! Or is there just possibly a chance that PA is not printing and sending these extra books anywhere? That the whole thing is a fabrication? If they're going where PA says they're going, I want pics.

In short, folks, if you want to know how something works, whether it's publishing of selecting books for Walmart, at least Google it. If more people would just do that, I might not have a PA to rail against.

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