Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Pause for Real Advice.

Also the result of some of the PublishAmerica disasters: if you are offered a publication contract, get it reviewed by a publication attorney. Not any attorney. Not your sister-in-law the real estate attorney or your cousin the divorce attorney. You need an attorney who knows publishing. Because there is a difference, a ginormous difference, between a contract that is legal and a contract that is good. Publication attorneys may not come cheap, but you should look for a bargain here about as much as you want to look for a bargain neurosurgeon. This is your career.

With my contract, I engaged the services of the excellent and patient Greg Victoroff of Rohde & Victoroff:

And I will do so again, with luck.

Please do not risk your novel on a contract that your sister-in-law thinks "looks okay."


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